Pre-K 3: Mrs. Fontenault & Mrs. Flynn


    Our 50th & Final picture challenge
    Here I GROW - You are off to Pre-K4, I am so very proud of you.  Show me you on your way!

    Our 49th picture challenge
    Summer Silly- I miss your beautiful smiles.  I can't believe Summer break is a day away.  Show me your most silly face.

    Our 48th picture challenge
    Love- The world needs some love.  Show me a way you can spread love. <3 

    Our 47th picture challenge
    Favorite Pre-K Memory

    Our 46th picture challenge
    You be the teacher - Show me your best impression of Mrs. Fontenault

    Our 45th picture challenge
    Rain, Rain Go Away- Create your own umbrella. 

    Our 44th picture challenge
    Caps for Sale- Listen to the new story and follow the directions at the end.  Can't wait to see how many you can stack!

    Our 43rd picture challenge
    My Shadow - We checked out dinosaur, pony and other shadows.  Now lets see your shadow.  Can you make your shadow look like something else?  Use your imagination.

    Our 42nd picture challenge
    Paper Airplane - Create your own paper airplanes.  Make as many different planes you want and then fly them to see which one goes the farthest.  Send a picture of your creations.

    Our 41st picture challenge
    Nature Hunt- Yesterday I read a story on our zoom call about going on a nature hunt.  Today you are going to go on your own nature hunt and send me a special picture from long the way.  I have sent the hunt in our daily email.

    Our 40th picture challenge
    Dinosaur Hunt - Create your own outside dinosaur.  Use your imagination; sticks, grass, rocks, leaves, etc.  Then let's see your best dinosaur face next to your creation.

    Our 39th picture challenge
    Shadows - Listen to the new story posted and follow the directions at the end.

    Our 38th picture challenge
    Dinosaur name - Dinosaurs have very long names which makes it great to practice writing your letters.  Turn your name into a dinosaur name, practice writing it and send me a picture.
    example: Jimosaurus

    Our 37th picture challenge
    BIG and small - 
    The Seismosaurus, believed to be the largest dinosaur (150 feet long from head to tail) that is half of a football field.  
    The Oculudentavis khaungraae, believed to be the smallest dinosaur about the size of a bee hummingbird.
    Your challenge is to find something very big and something very small and stand in between.

    Our 36th picture challenge
    Rock Painting - Today and over the weekend I would like you to find a rock and paint something special on it.  Make it a family project.  Add the date to them and find a special place in your yard to show them off and also remember this time.

    Our 35th picture challenge
    Going for a walk - Today is going to be a beautiful day.  Take a walk with an adult and send me a picture of something interesting you find on your walk.

    Our 34th picture challenge
    Butterfly- There will be a special surprise during our zoom call today.  Make your own butterfly to bring to the call.

    Our 33rd picture challenge 5/12/2020 Sports - Send me a picture of you playing your favorite sport.

    Our 32nd picture challenge 5/11/2020
    Virtual Talent Show - Show us something special that you are good at.

    Our 31st picture challenge 5/8/2020
    Make your own instrument- Use your imagination and let's see what you can create.  

    Our 30th picture challenge 5/7/2020
    Reading is an adventure - Let's see your favorite book!

    Our 29th picture challenge 5/6/2020
    Opposites - Find items in your home or outside that are opposite.  
    hard-soft, etc.
    Use your imagination!

    Our 28th picture challenge 5/5/2020
    Happy Cinco De Mayo - Create your own sombrero and send me a picture.

    Our 27th picture challenge 5/4/2020
    Sock Puppet- Create your own sock puppet and send me a picture.  Get creative and make sure to give it a name. Include the name written in your picture.

    Our 26th picture challenge 5/1/2020
    Outdoor FAMILY Bingo-  It's FRIDAY! Can I get a WHOOP-WHOOP?!
    It looks like sun for the weekend.  I sent an outdoor bingo to your email.  Let's see how many spaces you can fill over the weekend.  Send me as many pictures as you wish. Let the whole family join in. HAVE FUN.


    Our 25th picture challenge 4/30/2020
    Tea Party - Watch the video I sent in an email and follow the directions.  Can't wait to see your tea party.

    Our 24th picture challenge 4/29/2020
    Let's get outside - Find three soft items and three hard items outside.  Send me a picture.

    Our 23rd Picture challenge 4/28/2020
    Find 5 blue and 5 red items in your house and send me a picture.

    Our 22nd picture challenge 4/27/2020
    Find ten yellow items in your house and send me a picture.

    Our 21st picture challenge 4/24/2020
    Guess who - Guess what teacher is on the right in her SKS uniform!? Then send me a picture of you wearing your SKS uniform doing your work today. the picture is above.

    Our twentieth picture challenge 4/23/2020
    Numbers - Write down numbers 1-10 on seperate pieces of paper,  Have someone hide all ten numbers and once you find them all send me a picture of you and the numbers in order.

    Our ninteenth picture challenge 4/22/2020
    Earth Day - Let's see a picture of you enjoying mother nature.

    Our eighteenth picture challenge 4/21/2020
    Windy Day- The wind will be strong today.  That means it is a perfect day to build a fort and cuddle up with a good book inside your fort.  Make it strong so the wind does not knock it over.

    Our seventeenth picture challenge 4/20/2020
    Father Marciano- Father is missing all our smiling faces at school and in church.  Let's make him cards to let him know we miss him too.  Send me a picture with your card and then mail it to the rectory. 
    Rev. Robert Marciano
    333 Sandy Lane 
    Warwick RI, 02889

    Our sixteenth picture challenge 4/8/2020
    Leo - Once you have finished Leo the Letter Lions daily activity please send me a picture of you and your completed name.

    Our Fifteenth picture challenge 4/7/2020
    Jesus Loves Me- Get creative and design your own cross.  You could use crayons. markers, paint, marble rolling, fingerprints, tissue paper, rocks, sticks, flowers.  Use your imagination.

    Our fourteenth picture challenge 4/6/2020
    Bunny Hop - Easter is on the way.  Get creative and design your own Easter Bunny.  Take a picture with your bunny for all of us to see.  

    Our thirteenth picture challenge 4/3/2020
    Hearts in the window - The newest neighborhood challenge is to hang hearts in your window to show thanks for those that are still working outside their homes during this difficult time.  This includes many of our own moms ands dads.  Lets see your best hearts!

    Our twelfth picture challenge 4/2/2020
    Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - Please find somehting that begins with each letter of the alphabet and take a picture with all 26 items.  

    Our eleventh picture challenge 4/1/2020
    Backyard Scavenger Hunt - Please find the following items in your yard and then take a picture with them all.
    - Something round
    - Something green
    - A flower
    - Something white
    - Make the first letter of your name out of sticks 
    - Something you can sit on
    - Something hard
    - Something soft
    - An outside toy
    - Something smaller than your thumb

    Our tenth picture challenge 3/31/2020
    Indoor Scavenger Hunt - Please find the following items in your home and then take a picture with them all.
    - Something shaped like a square
    - Something that is blue
    - A pair of matching socks
    - The letter A
    - An Orange crayon
    - Something with dots on it
    - Something that is three different colors
    - Something taller than you
    - Something smaller than you
    - Something that begins with the first letter of your first name

    Our ninth picture challenge 3/30/2020
    Show & Tell - Find something (or someone) that is very special to you and take a picture with it (them).

    Our eighth picture challenge 3/27/2020
    Four & Green - Find four things in your house that are the color green. 
    Spencer is four today! Happy Birthday Spencer!
    The children love my color rhymes. Green, green; I'm the queen.

    Our seventh picture challenge 3/26/2020
    Little Chef - With help from mom or dad take a picture of you making something delicious.  It can be something as simple as a sandwich.  MANGIA!!

    Our sixth picture challenge 3/25/2020
    TRIANGLE -  Find an object in your house that is the shape of a triangle

    Our fifth picture challenge 3/24/2020
    BEAR HUNT - One of our favorite songs to act out in the classroom is “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.  I saw on Facebook that some neighborhoods are putting teddy bears in their front windows so when people go on walks they can “bear hunt”. Your challenge is to join in the fun and send me a picture of you putting your bear in the front window. 

    Our fourth picture challenge 3/23/2020
    LETTER Z - Leo loved seeing all your smiling faces with things that begin with Y.  Lets see what you can find that begins with the letter Z.

    Our third picture challenge 3/20/2020
    BUILD IT- Use blocks, legos, cups, sticks.  Anything you can think of to build me your best tower, castle, city or somehting special.  Use your imagination and show me what you can do.

    Our second picture challenge 3/19/2020
    LETTER Y - Leo the Letter Lion is lonely at school.  Let's take  a picture with something that begins with the letter Y.  

    Our first picture challenge 3/18/2020
    DANCE PARTY - Show me your best dance moves.

  • you are my wonders

  • the little engine that could

  • June 2020

    Scholastic Class Code: QTHPH

    We have finished the alphabet.  I am so proud of you all!
    Happy Summer

    Keep practicing your letters.
    READ, READ, READ and READ some MORE!!

    Every morning we review our classroom calendar. 
    Ask your child:
    - What month are we in? 
    - Today is a.......Is Friday a home day or a school day?
    - The date is....

    Days of the week song (sang to The Addams Family tune)
    Days of the week (clap, clap)
    Days of the week (clap, clap)
    Days of the week, Days of the week, Days of the week (clap, clap)
    There's Sunday and there's Monday.
    There's Tuesday and there's Wednesday
    There's Thursday and there's Friday
    And then there's Saturday
    Days of the week (clap, clap)

    Morning Song
    Hello everybody, hello
    Hello everybody, hello
    We'll work and we'll play
    And we'll have a good day
    Hello evrybody, hello
    Good morning boys and girls

    Morning Prayer
    Good morning dear Jesus
    This day is for you
    We offer our work
    All we think, say and do

    Pledge of Allegiance
    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    Of the United States of America
    And to the republic, for which it stands
    One nation, under God, indivisible
    With liberty and justice for all

    Meal Prayer

    Thank you for the world so sweet
    Thank you for the food we eat
    Thank you for the birds that sing
    Thank you God for everything


    Scholastic is offering free learning resources please click on link below and explore.

    Please use the IXL website.  All students have a username and password through St. Kevin School.  If you need your childs login information please email me.

    Facebook pages to check out:

    Saint Kevin School Warwick RI - Mr. Irving will be going LIVE with our morning announcements Mon-Fri. at 9am (last day 6/5)

    Artful Expressions RI - Virtual Paint & Yoga with our very own Mrs. Hines

    Warwick Police Department - Officers are reading stories 

    Please check out Senora Phillip's and Mrs. Hopkins classroom pages

    Free educational websites:


    May Jesus stay with you during the Summer months


    6th - Juliana
    10th - Ella O.
    16th - Ava
    17th - Madilyn
    19th - Fern
    27th - Evelyn

    25th - Kerrin

    I hope you all have a wonderful Summer vacation.  It has been my pleasure to learn and grow with your children.    

    Hugs and Prayers,
    Nicole Fontenault